About Us

Pure Nature In Every Drop
Siberia Waters is the purest and healthiest water on earth. Find out why you should drink the best. Our artesian water is nitrate free, with all the taste, purity, and refreshment the planet has to offer. It is truly Pure Nature in Every Drop.

Siberia Waters comes from artesian aquifers that are 500 kilometers from Vladivostok. Near the end of the 19th century, at the bottom of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range in Siberia, hunters noticed a cloud of birds circling around one particular place. Water was gushing from natural cracks in the earth.

This is the exact same place that Siberia Waters comes from today.

Our Source
The Russian Government has declared this ancient source a pristine reserve and forbids human activity within a 50 square mile radius. Geological research continues to be conducted annually. With over 80 years of constant supervision, scientists from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Siberian Branch confirm the continued purity of this ancient water source.

Our water does not contain any impurities of the modern world; so pure, so fresh, you can drink it straight from Nature.

The aquifer is totally sustainable. Since 1913 it has been used to provide water for the local population, and the abundance of rain and snow has allowed the aquifer to be replenished for the past 100 years. The aquifer is so large that we are confident that it will continue providing water for another 1000 years.